A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Whose dream is it?" is a dream exploration game heavily inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator and Yume Nikki. Game was made by 2 authors in 2 months especially for LSDJAM-2020.

In this game, you can explore about 9 various locations and interact with their environments.

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to finish the game and it was assembled in a hurry, maps are half done and there are too few events, this is more a demo than a full game, but we hope you will enjoy what was done anyway!

Game was tested on Linux x64/arm64, Windows x64, but it should also work on Linux arm32, macOS and Windows x86.


WASD - walk
Shift - run
Space - jump
Arrow keys - look around
E - interact
ESC - back
Enter - confirm
F2 - save screenshot
F11 - toggle fullscreen

Install instructions

"Whose dream is it?" requires Java 8 or newer to run, so don't forget to install JRE!

It also seems that java doesn't like directories with an exclamation mark in their names. O_O


v0.3 86 MB
v0.0 (LSDJAM-2020 version) 83 MB

Development log


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that rooftop music goes hard, still a really cool game and while i was lost a lot of the time wondering if i missed anything, i still appreciate this game. Thank you :)

Thanks for playing :)

i got kinda lost

I cant open it in linux, i tried opening the .sh file in the terminal but it didnt work

When I'm starting the game, it crashes...

Can you share the log file?


Did a video on this game, it was a super cool experience -


This was an enjoyable and strangely comforting journey! I'm glad I played it. I did a playthrough video below: 

Some thoughts I had whilst I was playing - 

I really like the approach to surrealism. Lots of geometric, angular designs instead of random stuff. Lots of play with light and shadow mechanics. It's a different approach to some of the other 'random' surrealism in the LSD jam. 

I enjoyed that you did a little bit of encounter-based dialog, although there definitely could have been more room for that. But the isolated wandering and exploring really was a lot of fun, and some of the sound design really matched it too. 

I got a bit lost! Not sure if it was a branching/non-linear journey, or whether the worlds were just very big. Finding where to transition to another area was a bit tricky too. 

I hope you enjoyed making this! I think small, surrealistic games are really fun to discover - there isn't quite anything like them, as in this case. It was a pleasure to play.


Thank you for your feedback!


Loved the game, very interesting locations

Really interesting environments and cool aesthetic! I really hope you add to this, I loved it!


Thanks for playing!