A downloadable game

This is a game where you are trying to find your brother in an abandoned mansion.

For some reason I started working on a game content only in 6 days before jam ends, so game is unfinished and cannot be completed. But you can walk around and... look around anyway.

Game has been tested on DSi and 3DS, but it should also work on a regular DS.
Special for Retro Platform Jam #1
Music by Moonisland
Some of the textures are from soviettextures.com
Game page on github

Use dpad to walk, press buttons twice to run.
Use touchscreen to look around.
Press hand icon on touchscreen to interact with environment.
Press Start to close the game.

Install instructions

Should run on Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS.

On a PC and Android, I recommend the melonDS emulator.

Don't use DraStic, it has some weird sound issues in the game...


Hidden_palace.nds v0.1 (Post-jam bug fix) 4 MB
Hidden_palace.nds v0.0 (Jam version) 3 MB

Development log


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This is awesome! I hope you finish it!

do you still plan on working on this project? i would love to see more added to your game.

I'd like to finish this project someday. It would be great to finish it for the 20th NDS anniversary, but I can't guarantee that 😄

What did you use to create a game for DS?

I used this libnds.devkitpro.org


I'd never expect someone to make a game for DS in 2021. I have to check it out!