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I had this dream on a sixth month of the yesteryear.

A bazaar... In a big city in the middle of the imaginary East. Filled with shadows, strange people, cats, street magicians, jinns, golems, people shaped like letters. The whole thing looked like it all revolved around some carpet-centered event, like a gathering of great masters. I like having intriguing dreams like that. So what's going to happen next? PS. Game contains 3 endings.

We made it in a small team of developers. Everything was made in a week, rather in a weekend. 

We are: Samael Kethill, finestm8, A.Saari (Moonisland)

Thanks and shoutouts to Transient.

Special thanks from A.Saari to Edmund Szklarski for his highly inspiring imagery and music.

Created for LSDJAM-2021


WASD - walk
Mouse/Arrow keys - look around
E - interact
ESC - back
Enter - confirm
F2 - save screenshot
F11 - toggle fullscreen

Install instructions

This game requires Java 8 or newer to run, so don't forget to install JRE!

It also seems that java doesn't like directories with an exclamation mark in their names. O_O


BIZARRE DREAM BAZAAR (Carpet Edition) v1.0.2 29 MB

Development log


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What is this game? I've only died and didn't understood how to get the carpet :(

I loved the style and mystery, but it wasn't easy to grasp what i should do in it.

Opinions and gameplay here.

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You missed some dialogues, it should be easier to get the other 2 endings if you find those dialogues. 😊 Thanks for playing!

I liked the atmosphere, it was pretty cool. The "true" ending was also a bit unexpected. But I had to change the variable "output" in world.glsl, because OpenGL thought it was a reserved name. And the English was also sometimes janky. Overall, very good.

Thanks UwU