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An old and short horror video game with a blind antagonist, which I began to make back in 2015. The graphics and interface are bad because of this. The game is a bit broken and junky, but isn't that the point of this jam? In game you must run from the ghost of a blind woman and search for a bunker to save your live. After walkthrough will be available additional game mode, suitable for ghost searching and kinda survival. Random events in game is inspired by the LSD Dream Emulator.

Special for Dusty Old Junk Jam.

Please extract game before launch!

PS. The game is too random :( be prepared for this. In one game session, you may not meet anything on the way at all, but in another session map will be filled with random events.

WASD - Walk
Shift - Run
Control - Sneak 

X - Screenshot (AppData\Roaming\She)
F1 - Show  help
Space - drop soundbait

Left mouse button - pickup
Hold middle mouse button - hold breath
Right mouse button - Enable/disable soundbait

Ctrl+Shift+K - Suicide

Music from intro: soundcloud.com/taneb-romash/sad

PS. To open second game mode without walkthrough drop this file to User name\AppData\Roaming\She app.box.com/s/44r22sy6v9mo82ueecw1y5w7i32maz1n

Release date Jul 23, 2019
AuthorSamael Kethill
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags3D, GameMaker, Ghosts, Horror, lsd, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


She-20190724.zip 79 MB


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Not bad. I liked the audio mechanic. Unfortunately I never found the bunker.

Nice lil game. I tried lol, here's my video: 

Played this for a 3 free indie horror games and really liked what I played! Wasn't much and was very short. Definitely could use more content, but Overall, i've played MUCH Worse. 7/10. If you want an in-depth and honest review, I give that at the end of ym video below!

Gave it a go! Also borrowed one of your screenshots, I just couldn't think of an interesting in-game screencap to use for a thumbnail. Hope that's not a problem.

Oh dear why did you make a video about this piece of shit :o ? And it seems that you haven't met a single ghost, and this is sad. Thanks for a video anyway 

Btw, game should generate more random events in the free mode.